Team View Widget - Unable to configure

Hello! It’s my first community post. Looking forward to learning from each of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

How can I configure the board in the Team View widget?

The Team View widget will not allow configuration.

What Happens:

  1. Open the Team View widget in a dashboard view
  2. Click Configure boards
  3. Widget spins for a few minutes and then gives the error:

:confused: Hmm…No boards found with at least one “Status” column and one “People” column.

Attempted Solutions

  • Built a new board from scratch with a people column and status column
  • Tried using on dashboard
  • Tried using on board
  • Tried using desktop app
  • Tried using web version of Monday
  • Reached out to Monday support team


You need to select a board first for which you would like create that view and then you need to configure the settings of the widget where you have to map with that board’s column.