Template boards should live in template cloud, not on main workspace

We do a project based work. Everybody has the same task whenever a new project comes up. That being said, I created a board that highlights all tasks that we need to do for each project. Not only are the tasks the same every time but they’re also set in stone as to who should be the ones doing it.

After setting it as template, I was planning on archiving the board so that my team wouldn’t have the template tasks on their “my work” lists thats all getting muddled in together.

Apparently the board has to stay in the main workspace to be able to stay as a template.

Our workaround for this is to create a “templates” folder in the workspace and keep it collapsed. As well as sending a memo to have everyone go to “customize” in their “my work” tab to hide the specific boards that are all templates.

Would love to see the templates live permanently in the cloud with all other templates from Monday.com. Being able to live and stay in the cloud while going in from time to time to make adjustments to it would be idea in the decluttering our workspace as there will be lots of projects and boards going on.