Templates Inside of a Doc

I’m looking for the ability to create an in-doc template for in-line use within a doc.

Here you can see that within a document if I write “/” and then select More options, I get an option for Templates including Meeting notes, To-do list, Feature specs, etc.

I would like to create my own template for use within this space and for use within other’s docs.

I can find how to create document templates (for use when creating an entire documents) and file column templates (for use in file columns), but this function allows me to add multiple of the same template to the doc in-line.

I want a “Meeting Notes” doc which will use a template “Meeting notes” every time I have a meeting. From this one doc I’m able to see every meeting I’ve had (by the outline on the left side) and create board items from any of them. The existing Meeting notes template just doesn’t meet my needs.

Thank you

Hey @crusherbb,

You bring up a great suggestion here!

Transparently, it isn’t currently possible to create your own pre-made template within a doc. That said, I’ve followed up with the team and will update you once I hear back about future plans :pray:

Hey @crusherbb,

Thanks for your patience with me! I’ve heard back from the team and transparently this isn’t a feature that is on our immediate roadmap - I apologise for the setback here :pray:

They have referred an app that you might find relevant! The app is called My Snippets and allows you to essentially create templates within your doc:

Let me know what you think!

It looks like that will do the trick for me, thanks for sending over!

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