Doc Column templates

Hi all, I have a question re the Doc Column that I think I know the answer to but wanted to check in with the community to make sure.

I know that i can create my own Doc template by creating a Work Doc and then “save as template” but it apears that (a) you can’t create a template from a Doc in a Work Doc Column and (b) you can’t use any templates in a Work Doc Column other than the default Templates - meeting notes, To-do list, Feature specs, Marketing brief, Project Plan.

Am I right about this?

It also seems you can’t share a Doc created in a Doc Column. Ie they are handy but quite limiting at the same time.

If anybody can let me know if it is possible to create and insert a Doc template into a Doc in the Doc Column, I will be eternally grateful!


Disregard, found the solution (Doc Column > settings > set Doc template)