Test accounts that don't expire?

We use monday.com free trial accounts to test new versions of our app DocuGen. Can we have those test accounts remain active forever and not expire after 14 days?

Free trial accounts expire after 14 days, forcing us every two weeks to create new trial accounts, reinstall the app, configure the account, and rebuild the boards and related configurations. That’s a lot of work when you have hundreds of test scenarios to go through. What would be ideal is that monday.com allow us to keep those free trial accounts active indefinitely, provided of course that we use them exclusively for testing and not for production/commercial use.

Please, please, pleaaaassseee :pray:

@Nir-Jetpack @guy.gavish @Neda

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+1 for this! :pray::pray::pray:

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Are we able to get free trial accounts to users within our own account or is this entirely separate?