"This page is restricted Error" in Monday App

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I have developed Monday App with Monday SDK, It is working very well for our company domain “symbo-team.monday.com”.But when I install it on another company domain like “sky-team.monday.com” then I get the error “This page is restricted”.
Note: All related permissions have been applied in “OAuth->Scope” section. (By the way, our account is not paying one.)

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Hey @engrswadood - was this application shared with particular accounts, or can anyone with a link install this application?


Hi @dsilva, Sultan works with me. Anyone with a link can install the application. We also tried to have it work with just particular accounts and it still showed the “This page is restricted” error.

I am extremely sorry, as I lost the Monday.com email because of too many Monday emails in my inbox (as I am subscribed to hundreds of boards from different clients).

@EricMonday has explained it. We can not share our Monday.com app with any other account through “anyone with a link install this application”.


Hi @engrswadood and @EricMonday,

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue! Are you still facing it? Or has it been resolved for you?


Hi Helen,

Yes, we still have the same issue.
Thanks for the post.

Hey @engrswadood and @EricMonday,

I’m really sorry to hear about this behavior, definitely seems a little odd. Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, have you been able to add the other monday.com account as a Listed account with access to this app? You can do so within the Share section, like so:

Perhaps taking this step might be helpful to ensure the account has access to the app in question?


Hi Alex,

Yes, this approach could work. I will check things, once my boss ask me to start work on it.

Thanks very much.

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