"This page is restricted Error" in Monday App

Hi All,

I have developed Monday App with Monday SDK, It is working very well for our company domain “symbo-team.monday.com”.But when I install it on another company domain like “sky-team.monday.com” then I get the error “This page is restricted”.
Note: All related permissions have been applied in “OAuth->Scope” section. (By the way, our account is not paying one.)

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Hey @engrswadood - was this application shared with particular accounts, or can anyone with a link install this application?


Hi @dsilva, Sultan works with me. Anyone with a link can install the application. We also tried to have it work with just particular accounts and it still showed the “This page is restricted” error.

I am extremely sorry, as I lost the Monday.com email because of too many Monday emails in my inbox (as I am subscribed to hundreds of boards from different clients).

@EricMonday has explained it. We can not share our Monday.com app with any other account through “anyone with a link install this application”.