Time tracking: How can I use this when multiple people are assigned to one item?

I have some issues on Time Tracking.

Basically, sometimes, there are two people who are working on one line item. So, under people column I will be assigning two names. But then in time tracking, I am not sure if it can register or track the time of two people at the same time in real time. Because from my end, I can see that my colleague started already the timer. But I also wanted to log my time with her in the same time using the same timer. If I will click on that timer to log mine, that means i am stopping her timer. Am I right?

Any possible solution on this one? Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 6.13.02 PM

Thank you!Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 6.17.06 PM

Hi @TJ_S,
Unfortunately, it is not possible to track time in parallel for 2 different events (or team members like in your case) using the same Time Tracking column.

The alternative solutions are:

  1. Adding additional Time Tracking column, so each column will be used for each member.
  2. Adding sub items, each sub item for each member, and then adding one Time Tracking column in there.

Hope this solution can be a good workaround for you to accomplish your needs.


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