Time tracking and People columns incompatibility

Our tasks have usually one assignee, but sometimes there are 2 or more of them. And we don’t like to have 2 or more pulses for the same task, so I was very happy when People column was introduced.

The reason why I don’t like multiple pulses for the same task, is that every pulse has cost column, and at the end of the month, we re exporting tables to excel and sending them to Clients, but we have to delete pulse’s duplicates manually in Excel.

However, we can’t use People column, because it’s incompatible with Time Tracking column - only one member can track time to the same task at the same time. Also, It would be awesome if member who started timer, was indicated in time table view (maybe user avatar on the left side of time entry).

Also, in Time tracking widget in dashboard, when 2+ members are assigned to pulse, summed time tracking entries of that pulse is assigned to them both, instead of just sum of their actual, individual entries.


Hey Kamil,

Thanks for sending this feedback! I definitely see the need to be able to distinguish between who has tracked the time on the board level. Does the activity log not help for this?

Regarding the widget, I’ll send this feedback over to Shirley, who’s the product manager responsible for the dashboards as also see the need to apportion the time correctly between those who have logged time on the same pulse.

Hi Julia,

Activity log is nice to have, but it doesn’t solve this specific case since it’s time consuming to analyze.

However, the most important thing is that 2+ person should be able to track time to the same pulse at the same time


Thanks Kamil - will take this to the relevant people as absolutely see the need for multiple people to be tracking time simultaneously!!

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Yes! we have this issue as well. We end up making a pulse per person but then it get complicated…

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I saw that there is week filter - it’s very nice, could be also a month/day view, but how to check all time tracked for selected groups, like in first version? It’s very critical!

That tracking widget still doesn’t work properly, counting time in people column to each one. Instead of adding only to specific person, time is added to each member:

Solution idea: Add “time entry assignee”, by default user who started timer/added time entry, but with option to change the assignee, and assign time entry only to that user in tracking widget/charts.


Update: I see that day/week/month/year view for time tracker is added - that’s really great! Only one small flaw, it would be nice to select day/week in calendar view, after clicking on day* - because if we like to check particular day a month ago, we have to click that chevron 30 times…

*of course time range selector has to be placed in different place


Glad it’s working for you Kamil! Good point about the excessive clicking…we don’t want that! Appreciate that feedback, keep it coming!!


Hey @KamilMark

Just wanted to make sure you saw that we just added the avatar of the person who started a session on the time tracking column in the log.

I know this doesn’t solve all of the things which you request but it’s one of the things you mentioned you were looking for :slight_smile: more improvements coming!

Hi guys!
Evaluating Monday for our team at the moment ant this issue/feature is exactly one of our key decision points since we are a consulting firm and time is $. :slight_smile:

Here is what would be the most reasonable thing to extract from Time Recording columns in the Time Tracking Widget as a default option (choose your boards -> fetch each reporter by its records; that should be easy implementable from the developers perspective) - https://prnt.sc/osm0ja

Since the issue has been up for a while, is it going to convert in a feature soon?

So big win on the time tracking updates showing the person who actually tracked the time. The extracts support this decently as well (though not having the data in contiguous cells is a really big pain, but that’s another issue). The issue that we have here is that the time tracking widget only allows summaries of time by selecting people fields on the board. Since we do not have subtasks, and multiple people can be on an assignment (can’t seem to control that, though I should be able to), then the time is showing for multiple people instead of the actual people that recorded the time.

Also agree with @KamilMark that we need to (as admin) record time for others as well as change time recorded BY others.

This has come a long way in a short time so great job Monday, but as @albacsaid is doing - we are piloting and coming up with this concern for our client management and project management boards (in addition to our ability to shut off the timer from another screen/add-in and auto shut off of timers as noted in this idea



Hi Julia,

It’s a great feature to show avatar of the person who have initiated the tracking. I’ve noticed that there’s an automation to start / stop time tracking based on the status of the project (For. eg. Working on it / Completed). If the time tracking is enabled using the automation, the avatar shows the owner of the board and not the user who actually worked on it. May be it is because the Owner has created the automation. Ideally the avatar should be of the person who is mentioned in the people column, who actually worked on the project.


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