More than one person at once being able to use time tracking column

Hi, would it be possible for more than one person to use the time tracking column at the same time?

At the moment people can only track time individually which is tricky when more than one person is working on a task at once. (We only have one time tracking column rather than many as it makes our reporting cleaner at the backend.)

Alternatively, could there at least be a warning pop up if you try to stop time tracking that someone else has started?

I know this has been submitted before but this is an important feature that would benefit from some attention. Overview: the timer can only be used by one person. You cannot track the same time for multiple people on the same item. Previous suggestions include adding multiple timer columns. Given the size of our team, this would be quite unusable. The other suggestion was to use sub-items. Also not ideal. Competitor applications allow for individual time tracking on the same item so this would be a very valuable feature to develop. Thank you for considering.

I totally agree. This is a good feature that needs some tweaking to make it a GREAT feature. Not allowing multiple people to track their time on the same task at the same time (say a customer meeting) is a true issue.

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