Time Tracking question

My team is tracking their time on a specific board and categorizing each pulse with a specific deliverable that is on another board as a project plan. Currently, my team has to search the hashtag category to get a grand total to put into the deliverable on the project plan board. Is there a way for this to be automated?

For instance, when i add hashtag called introduction and use time tracking for all pulses related this tag then those items will populate (the sum) of all the time tracking in the project plan board.

Be careful with # because you will only find them as long as that particular one exists in at least one place on a board. I started what I thought would be list of them by creating them all in a particular cell and then deleting them from that cell. When I starting searching Tags to use one later they were all gone… I’ve since changed over to dropdown columns as the values you put in there remain there even if the cells in the column don’t show one.

@awatson3 this is a great question. Have you tried connecting the boards and mirroring the time tracking column on the higher level deliverable board? This isn’t a perfect solution either, but might work for what you’re trying to do.