Time tracking remote workers


We currently run a number of field service engineers who are all field based. We have built a workflow on monday.com to manage the service jobs they are currently working on.

At the moment, we are tracking travel and working time by getting the engineers to record their start and finish time as a number in a column, and then calculating the hours afterwards.

Is there an integration or a work flow / automation where we can give them a start/stop button as an app on their mobile phones?

You can use an automation like “when start button is pressed, set hour to current time”.

You could also use status changes, or a single button with a status as a condition that changes when pressed (so it knows if it should fill in start or stop dates).

“When button is pressed, and status is stopped, set hour to current time, and set status to running

“When button is pressed, and status is running, set hour to current time, and set status to stopped

They could then do this in the monday app on their phones.

Hi @markblack ! :wave:

You can achieve it by moving item between statuses and than you will get time in status report Time in Status
You’ll get user-friendly data on the board in a few seconds.

Also you will be able to track how much time your issue spends in each status and much more by generating 3 types of reports:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: And use charts to visualize your reports a sample of a certain number according to time range/item range, or a single item:

  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Area Charts

The app is also available in the format of board integration.

Start the 14-days free trial to try it out for yourself and share your experience with us.

Hope you find this app helpful,

Hi Mark,
This may help you: Use monday.com to track on-site attendance - Skiply
Feel free to DM if needed.