Time zone Override

In the profile settings it’s possible to set your time zone manual. However the computer time zone will override this time zone, making this setting quit wasted. To get around this, the only way to choose another time zone than your local time zone, is to change your computer time zone. This is highly impractical for all of us that live in another time zone than our working time zone.
My suggestion is to change this setting to "automatic time zone (computer time zone) or manual time zone, that will override the computer time zone. The same time zone settings should also apply on column level.

Hope this make sense.

hi @arild

Until recently the only TZ that was used by monday was the TX setting in the user profile. A few month ago this is changed to use the device TZ. In my opinion this is a bad decision. You probably need to issue a feature request to get back to the previous situation :slight_smile:

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