Timeline calculation that skips weekends, only counts business days

Hi there, I need some help ensuring that our Timeline column (pictured below) is skipping weekends in its timeline estimate, and only counting business days when calculating the project’s deadline. The Timeline column is connected to the ‘Estimated Business Days’ column. So, in the example below, Timeline should be from August 22nd to August 31st. Is there a setting we can use to accomplish this? I tried the “Hide Weekend Days” toggle in the Admin section, but it removed the weekend days completely so the timeline only counted 6 days instead of 8 days. Thanks in advance for any help and guidance!


Hi @mmindling - thats strange as it should work. I have the same setting enabled and it counts the correct number of business days regardless if I enter the timeline or the duration first.


Maybe contact support on this one (support@monday.com).


Looks like checking the “Hide Weekend Days” setting in my account was actually the answer, but for some reason the setting didn’t save the first time. This is solved!

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