Timeline not fully visible on kanban view and no way to sort timelines by end date

Is there a way for timeline dates to be visible on kanban view? I can’t find a way to change column width so I’m stuck with a view that looks like this.

Also while we’re discussing timelines and Kanban views, is there a way to sort the view by the Timeline#End? The only sorting options we have for timeline are Ascending and Descending and both only apply to the Timeline#Start so no way to sort by end date.

Hello @bob1 !

I know there is an improved Kanban view coming out in the near future, which hopefully will have this issue resolved, so I would think waiting for that is unfortunately the only option regarding column visibility. Essentially you are missing out on the year of your end date.

For sorting, I do not think it is possible to sort by the timeline’s end, and I do not see this being implemented anytime soon.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com