Kanban Board – Timeline view

Hello – project manager new to Monday.com!

Our team primarily uses the Kanban view, however, I am finding it difficult to get timeline visibility. I’ve been searching for a Kanban view with a timeline feature built in (rather than a separate tab), so we have 1 view for our team with all relevant information in place.

Is there a widget for this? Essentially right now we manually type a note out with milestones and pin it – which is fine for now but would appreciate an optimized solution!

Also, if this feature is available somewhere, does it display only when viewing the card itself, our in the holistic board view? Both are preferred :slight_smile:


Hey Emma!

If I am undestanding correctly, you should be able to include the timeline column via your kanban view settings:

Let me know if this is what you are referring to :slight_smile: