Requested Change to Kanban View


We’re currently having a problem of not being able to see all the needed information when using monday as a CRM. The statuses are needed to know where the deal stands, but they take up too much screen space to see the contact information. This causes us to have to scroll perpetually and it’s not super intuitive.

What I propose as a solution would be a slight update the Kanban view.

The Kanban view is almost a fix to this as is. It would just require two changes to fix this.

  1. Make the Kanban view more full screen for each individual pulse when a pulse is selected. This would let us see the statuses and contact info all at once.

  2. Make it so I can use the arrow keys to view the next pulse. This would solve the need to click off, click the next one, and continue repeating the process.

Hopefully this wouldn’t be too hard to add and it’d have the effect of turning the Kanban view into a calling queue.


Maybe a button that’s clickable to the next one on the list in case that’s easier than keyboard shortcuts to start

Something else that would be super beneficial for the Kanban mode would be the option to close or hide groups/pulses/columns etc that don’t have any data, allowing for the user to only see populated groups/pulses/columns etc.

The way we use one of our boards is to manage employees and see what jobs they are working on/ are coming up. Having groups that are unpopulated takes up a vast majority of our screen.

LOVE the new fullscreen view for Kanban!

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