Hide Groups (even if they have content) from the kanban view

I’ve had to split work between two boards because I can’t choose which groups to show in the kanban board. I now have to check and report on two separate boards.

That you be a good feature. Mabybe this can work?

If there are only certain status that you will view in the kanban board, and you do not to toggle them, create a secondary status column. Then create an automation that "when status A changes, then change status B to new status. One make the automations for the status that you want to change.

That doesn’t salve the problem of having columns for status options that I don’t want to show on the board. There are a total of 7 status options. Only 4 of them impact my engineers. I only want to show those 4 columns. This is basic stuff JIRA has been doing for more than a decade.

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ALright. I thought I understood. If you do the secondary status (with only 4 statuses) then you could change the Kanban Column to the secondary, and only 4 will should.

I would really like to see this. I have about 8 status filters currently, 2 of them being “Complete” and “N/A”. When I am in a Kanban, I don’t want to see 100 items in the N/A and the Completed status cards. This makes lots of cards which makes it hard to easily see. I just want to be able to see the cards for a couple of the status.
I know some have said to use a secondary status however there will always be something eg a blank field, taking up space on the cards

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