Hide empty columns in Kanban view

The ability to hide columns in Kanban view. For example, if my Kanban view is grouped by status, I would like to automatically hide or minimize columns that are empty.

Hi Etti,

there is no option that I know of, but this might be a little helpful work around.

If there are only certion status that you will veiw in the kanban board, and you do not to toggle them, create a secondary status column. Then create an automation that "when status A changes, then change status B to new status. One make the automations for the status that you want to change.

Hi everyone,

Update here! This feature has been released. Try it out and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to open a new topic.

Glad to hear this feature has been released… but how do I do this? I see the option to hide columns, but I can’t find any setting that lets me automatically hide empty columns. I don’t want to manually hide columns because I am sorting by project (a status column that lists specific projects I’m working on) and over time, new tasks will get added to some of the projects that are currently empty. Any help would be much appreciated!

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