Requesting feature to group statuses in Kanban view

Requesting a feature to group statuses in kanban view. I just want a simple visual grouping that is really only beneficial for kanban view. Could also be desirable for pie charts etc, but that would require overall status grouping instead of just visual grouping in the kanban view. My problem is that we use the statuses shown below to help us divide up work:
Our statuses
This status division, while being useful, makes for a horizontally massive kanban (as shown below) view that requires scrolling to fully view. I’d like to be able to collapse status groups to view all my tasks in a single window.

My proposition is identical to grouping columns in excel and being able to expand/collapse the group:
spreadsheet grouping
l could group concept, design, prototype into a “WIP” group and view a high level kanban board with “to-do”, “WIP”, “needs attention”, “finished”, or I could expand any one of those groups to view the detailed status breakdown of the WIP group etc.