Show Different Columns on KanBan Card Based on Group or Status

Currently, our team is utilizing a KanBan style board to move projects along in our workflow process. We have multiple stages in our workflow, labeled as groups and controlled by status fields on the main board. We need each KanBan job card to show specific, relevant information for that particular stage or group, but the only way to do that currently is to add all fields as viewable, which is not efficient nor very aesthetically pleasing. (We can’t see more than 1 card listed on screen at a time with all needed fields showing)

Basically, I’m looking for a way to customize what fields a KanBan card shows based on any combination of Status, Group, etc.

Status/Group = Qualification
Visible Fields = Job Type, Assignment Clock, Due Date

Status/Group = Approved
Visible Fields = Job Type, Job Platform, Amount, Due Date, Current Clock

Status/Group = Complete
Visible Fields = Review Status, Amount, Due Date

Please let me know if you have any questions.