Kanban based on groups


I´d like to request the possibility of creating a Kanban view of multiple groups. Each group would be a Kanban Column. This way, as I move an item across groups on a board, the item would be moved across the kanban column as well.

Thank you!

Hi Monday.com!
Any update on this 6-month old feature request?
Having groups be columns in a Kanban board is a high-value, low-cost improvement to make, as many people use groups to represents progress of work in Monday boards.
Thanks, Gil


We’d also be really interested in having this feature. We’re coming from Active Collab where the Kanban view was automatically created from different lists within a project to show progress (Inbox, working on, QA etc), and it’s a bummer that we’ll need to find a workaround for this. Any updates you can share?



On board with this also. This would make the Kansan view generally more useful (and would especially help our migration from Trello). The use of a label instead as well a group as a “hack” means double duty to keep table and kanban views in sync.

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The current functionality is great, you can group project items in various ways in the table and have a Kanban that doesn’t affect these groupings. But, I think it would also be incredibly useful to have an optional Kanban view that is synced to the main table. So you can move projects around visually how ever you feel comfortable and the Kanban and table will stay in sync. From speaking with my IBM colleagues, we all would be very interested in this feature since we are migrating from Trello which already has similar functionality.


Need this too.
Moving from trello and finding the full list difficult to engage with.


Dear Monday,

IS there any news about this feature? It has been now a year.
I have to soon move my company to another project management sysmtem, for me this is crucial.