Summary board or view based on items from other board

Not sure how I should solve my use case, so any ideas are very much apprecierad.

What I need to solve is to summarize items in a list view, those items are already in a board in different groups, so this list view I want is basically a filtered view of the same board.

Hi There!

With the limited detail you provided here is a possibility:

  1. Add an additional status column but use it as a type column for filter.

  2. Add that label to the items you want to show in the list.

  3. Add the board(s) to a dashboard to connect the items.

  4. Add the table widget and then filter the widget down to the label you want to see if the items.

Hope this is a good start! Need more help? We are here to talk through other ideas as well.

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thanks Mike! That’s a good start, but is it possible to not include the different groups? I need to have one list so that I can set prioritization on item 1->x, that’s a bit tricky with two groups.

I would then recommend to add a priority status column to your board and then use the Kanban View with the priority column being the organization dictator so you can drag and drop the cards to the right priority.

That’s a good idea! Some issues though:

  1. I need the priority to change as I move the cards (I guess the priority is per group)
  2. I would prefer a list view instead of “kanban”

I would then do a table widget and have the groupings be the priority so you can see them. You can move the line items in the board but I would recommend instead using the priority column to then select and it moves the item to the designated priority group.

Hope that helps!

Mike B