Kanban Style Work Items

Right now we’re using a board to track all of our engineers specific work items through a Kanban process, moving each item along the swim lanes until it’s “Done”. That Done column figures to get pretty large after a while and I’m looking for a good way to limit it, but every solution I find runs into a different problem. Any help/feedback would be appreciated. Here are the methods I’ve tried and the problem associated with it:

  1. Archive after it’s been in the status for X days - Once an item is archived, it doesn’t show up in reporting anymore. We’d like to still be able to report on some statistics well into the future for the type of work that’s being completed so this isn’t a good solution.

  2. Move the item to an “Archived” board after it’s been Done for X days - This seemed like the most logical next choice on how to do this. It seemed to be working until I was mapping the item into the new board and ran into a big problem. My tag column doesn’t map. It looks like it’s not supported at all. We use the tag column to track which client we’re doing work for so we can utilize the universal search for other work related to that client at a high level.

These seem like common problems so I’m hoping I’m just missing some easy solution! Please help!

What I ended up implementing was creating that “Archived” board and just manually moving things to it after X days. It’s not ideal, especially given there is an automation that should work, but it’s what we’ve got for now.

It does seem weird that I can move an item to another board manually and everything goes over correctly, but when creating an automation for moving items we’re limited by what column values will be moved.

Hi Ryan,

I am not sure if this helps with your situation, but I think that this might be helpful.
Add two automations:

  1. When status changes (Done) then set date to today (make a date column for completion date)
  2. When date arrives (change to number of days and add completion date) more to board.

Hope that helps

The only problem I had with that solution(which I like) is that the tags column won’t move via automation for some reason. It moves when you manually move an item, but not via automation. Doesn’t really make sense to me, but that’s the current behavior.

Hey @ryan.graham

How many different tags have you got? One of my team mates had an idea that might enable you to take a couple of small processing steps to convert the tags and then automate the transfer inclusively.

Just a theory until we could get a better ‘big picture’ - give us a shout at teameasy@easy-mondays.com

Team Easy :slight_smile: