Automation for Multiple Connected Boards and Items

Hello there,

I want to start this post by saying that i know it’s possible to execute this action via a dashboard battery view. However, due to our subscription plan’s limitation and visually not being clean, i would like to know if the following can also be done with automation.

The issue i have in hand is as follows:

In the “Long Term Projects” i have created boards for each of our team members. In those boards each Group represents a current project and the items represent the action items.

In another board i have connected the key indicators that our leadership can easily overview. Such as “Status”, “Timeline” and “Deadline”. In this board each Group represents one of the team members and each Items represent a project they are working on.

My question is there an automation where if i add a new item under one of my team members board in a specific group (First Picture) that item will be automatically be added to the connected board under that team member’s project item.

Any insight to this would be appreciated. I know that there might be limitation on automation, but i am curious if this could be done.

Ultimately, our leadership wants to see how each project is progressing and for that the Battery widget in a dashboard can be used. However, i was able to create a simpler looking dashboard looking like this:

I would like to automate all the manual work currently involved to save time. I also find this view cleaner than the Batter widget.

So, if any of you can help with this, i am all ears.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @dmuszbek , Daniel,

Welcome to the community. I don’t have a complete answer as there are some many questions to be asked :slight_smile:. But I do think this tip might help you getting to the next stage. If you add (or edit?) your connect_boards column and make it a two-way connection like this:
the board you connect to will also have a connect_board_column. In your case that would be the board from picture 1. If an item is added there you can (by using item defaults) make sure the link is established between the items is established automatically for new items.

Hope this solves (part off) your use case.