Automate: Add new item in #1 GROUP A, automatically added to connected board #2 ITEM A


I want to automate the following process:

I have a Board #1 with different groups and in each group a couple of items.
I have a Board #2 with only 1 group and each item represents the group of #1

I used Connect Boards to select all items in #1 of the group (for example) A and mirror it to #2 to the item which represents A.

If I add a new item at #1 in Group A, I have to manually select the new items in #2 in the item which represents A.

Is it possible to automate that if I add a new Item in #1 Group A, it get automatically added to the connected board selection in #2 Item A?

For better understanding - please find enclosed the video:

Thx Christopher

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Was also looking for an answer for this.
HOpefully someone can help us out