Automation: How to add an item to a connected board field in the "summary" board?

Hello, I am pretty new here.

I am on a team, and each of us has our own board with groups of tasks (project Boards)

We are trying to set up a “Summary” board where each group corresponds to one of the sub-Boards, and each item in that board is a summary of the items within one group on the sub-board.

This is set up and working (without the automations).

So I think the automations I need are:

  1. When a group is created in a project board, create an item in a specific Summary group for that project.
  2. When an item is created on one of those boards, ADD that item to the Linked Boards field on the item for that group.

(I am not gonna deal with moving items just yet)

For 1) Above, there does not appear to be a trigger for “Group Created”

For 2) I cannot figure out how to link a newly created item into an existing field on another board. I suppose I could create an item in a “New Items” group on another board, and then have that creation trigger an automation, but I don’t see how that works either.

NOTE: While I am new at this, I do have some experience with REST APIs, so it’s POSSIBLE that I could use a webhook to automate this in external code, but I would really like to NOT do that.

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Have you looked into the Create Item automations?

There are automations for creating an item in another board when a person is assigned, or when a status changes, etc.

I don’t think there is anything for group creation, but you could potentially chain automations such as using a when person is assigned, move to group and when item moves to group, change status and then when status changes to something, create item in another board.

I know this isn’t exactly what you are asking for, but hopefully it helps spark an idea at least!

Yeah, I am trying to figure it out.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be an automation that adds items to a connected board item. I kinda think this would be fundamental- it’s even shown (manually) in one of their project management vids.

I think it’s gonna require a webook/API call.

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