Compact Kanban View focusing on Data

One of my main concerns as a Monday User/Admin would be to be able to manage tasks efficiently with Kanban view both me and the employees. For this the kanban view should be take advantage of the available display space and show the actual data that users need to process tasks fast. Instead what we get now with Monday’s Kanban is waste of space and definitely not a quick and easy UX/UI to process tasks.

Current UX/UI
What we get now is a kanban with a table view for each item where the title appears in from of each row element followed by the actual value, thus making it huge in height and not allowing multiple items to be visible.

Inexistent Kanban View on Marketing Product Campaign
On Monday’s “Work Management for Marketing” Product page there is a promotion image suggesting a more data focused Kanban View with inline mirror columns, inline person, updates and subitems icons that show a more compact Kanban View that would be useful and show the data to the user. This View is just for marketing purposes, totally misleading and non existent.

Work Management Software for Marketing | monday work management

What should the Kanban View Look Like?
I have sampled the Kanban Views from Trello, Notion, MeisterTask and others which do focus on Task Management and Data of the items not wasting space. Of course on every other platform Labels are available as Multi Select making it a powerful tool to categorize items with really limitless uses. On Monday we are stuck with Single Label selection. (I am referring to normal labels, not status labels.)

Sent a Message to Support
I did sent a message to support explaining all of these but the reply was that the Kanban View that is still being used as a promotional image on the Marketing Product has probably been deprecated even before anyone show it. Not sure what to make out of this.

The pursuit of Happiness with CSS
On an attempt to actually make use of the Kanban View i was playing with css and made another feature request to at least maybe have a way to somehow customize the most popular view for Task Management that everyone else understands how it is meant to be used.

The best i could Do with CSS
Since i was totally disappointed of Monday not being able to deliver simple things like this but also being able to deliver huge things like automations, i started creating my own Custom CSS Injector for Chrome so i can i somehow make the best out of an expensive product. I created an extension and i can load my own CSS, even though i can’t change the order and other things. Here are the results. The same board view before and after:

That’s it. That’s all i can do. That’s the max i can get out of my product for tasks management.

The feature request process unfortunately is ridiculous. The ridiculous part is because it assumes that all users of somehow are active on the community and therefore a topic needs to get like 500 votes to be under consideration instead of someone from the technical department can really see through the potentials, functionality of a feature request and forward it with some other process. The only way to really understand what the users want would be to popup a “New Potential Feature Feedback with a quick explanation” that all of the users could vote. Then you have real world data instead of us trying to bring attention desperately.