Customization through custom CSS and Customize View options

Allow users to customize the board by allowing to side load user css per board.
That in conjunction with the Customize View options for Disabling Titles and Reordering Columns would allow for incredible results.
Currently for Kanban View for instance it feels like a waste of space.
Here is some example of simple css changes with browser developer tools.

Here on one example i simply used the full width for cover image and changed the title to be much more prominent for the item in view.
In the other example i reordered the tags column, added tags background and colors, making for like real actual labels that can be used for identifying the item, also removed the date title as well the label title for priority. It is now more compact, cleaner, doesn’t waste space and keeps the actual information on top.

Please do not suggest to use the stylish extension for browser because first it doesn’t solve the problem unless you are on a browser only (not the app) and second it is unfortunately bloated instead of simply allowing to side load css.

This must be one of the easiest implementations. It simply would load on more “user.css”.
For the Customize View (Hiding Titles and Reordering) i don’t know how is it is.

If anyone reads this of course, the best way for that would be to allow multiple select for Labels instead of tags and have Labels appear that way so we can categorize things