Timeline View Doesn't Show Task

Hi Guys

I have created a board with a timeline column, however tasks are not showing in the timeline view.

What am I doing wrong? Pleas help


I have attached some examples:

Hi There!

Looks like you have two date columns on your board and when that occurs, this widget does not default to the Timeline widget. You will need to:

  1. Go to three dots of the widget
  2. Go to Date column section of settings
  3. Make sure the Timeline column is the only one selected.

For adoption purposes, I would not have singular date columns referencing start and end and have a timeline column. These will not sync at all and if you are using the timeline feature, I would add a connected duration column.

If you need help working on a recurring meeting board that racks the tasks related to preparing for your QBR/MBR meetings, I can help you get thos automated so its a self managing system that then feeds a company general calendar as well!

Just reach out directly or you can contact us here: Contact Us - Axanexa

Hope this helps yu get started and looking forward to partnering on a build!

Mike B
Automation Architect