Timeline without Dates?

Is it possible to build a timeline that doesn’t rely on absolute dates?
Say I have a project that has 5 things, that have various dependencies, and we have an estimate of the time it will take to do them: eg.
A: Design: 3months
B: Build1: 2months (dep on A)
C: Build2: 2months (dep on A)
D: Test: 1month (dep on B+C)
E: Sell: 2 months (dep on D)

I now know that this whole project will take 3(A)+2(BC)+1(D)+3(E) = 9 months, and for example that D will take place 5 months after we start. BUT I don’t have a start date yet, for example, we’re waiting on a grant proposal to be approved, but they want a detailed timeline as above first.

How do I do this? I could do it by creating the Start Date of A as Jan-1, but that’s not accurate, and TBH the date entry process is pretty painful if you can’t just type a date. Scrolling for start end dates is really slow when we’re talking about 50-100 dependent items in the list that can be anywhere from a week to 6 months long. Being able to simple add a “DURATION” column would be ideal, and then all the dates trickle down after we enter the date for the Kick off item.

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While there isn’t a way that you could do this exactly as you are looking for. There is a way that we could do a work around using dependencies.

On your board, you can add the dependency column and link which other items your particular item is dependant on.

You can then use dependency automations to make sure that when you change the start date of your first item, it filters down to all of your other items.

The automations available are:

A duration column would be a great addition / feature and agree that date entry needs to be made easier. It would also be useful to be able to select a less specific date - ie just the year or month without a specific day.