TimeTracker Dashboard needs page refresh to show correct data

I have a single board with one user. I often see this: I create some tasks, and have automation to start time tracking when the status of a task changes to “in progress” and to stop time tracking when the status changes to anything else. In this setup, i often see up to double the amount of time in today’s “Time Tracke r Dashboard Widget”. So, if I have logged 1:30 (one hour 30 minutes) today, on the dashboard I will see 3:00 (three hours). Or, if I have one task with time tracking running, on the Time Tracker Dashboard I see the total time increasing two seconds every second.

If I do a hard refresh in the browser, then the dashboard shows the correct time. So it seems to only occur where there are active automations updating task time tracking while the page is loaded.

Hey @p_spillman - hm, this sounds a little strange as the widget should be showing the correct time tracked regardless of whether active automations are running while the page is loaded. Just to check, if you test this in an incognito window, does this behaviour persist? From what I can understand it sounds like this could be a performance issue our technical team might need to investigate.