To-Do List/Task Desktop Overlay

Hey everybody!

I’m pretty new to Monday, and have been using the free version to handle my own tasks as a souped up notepad with call logs and stuff for work.

I game a lot, and have been trying to essentially turn it into my own quest log, for lack of a better term. One thing that I think would be really helpful for easily distracted and forgetful people like myself is some type overlay to show simple but important tasks that need to be done throughout the day. If you check the link below, you can see exactly the type of thing I’m looking for.

Just a semi-transparent bullet point list of things that need to be done that would sit overtop of whatever window I currently have open. Sure, I could use a sticky note, but a sticky note isn’t in my direct line of sight all the time. The sticky note also isn’t web based. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d imagine most of us have tasks that need to be broken up into small, but time consuming phases that are usually completed in a certain order. I’m interested to see what other people think.

That’s it! Just a seemingly simple request that’s probably an unexpected boatload of work on the backend.

Hello @Robm !

Welcome to the community, very interesting to hear how you use monday!

While what you are asking for certainly is not currently available, I think another way to approach this is using the MyWork feature.

By setting a date, you will be able to easily see everything that needs to be done with just one click.

You can learn more about MyWork here.

Let me know if this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at