To fetch all user data from stream action

How to fetch all user data , for an instance if there are 10,000 users, and i want to fetch all user data using an action, if there is no support of pagination for User API, how can i fetch all keeping in mind the size of page response.

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In regard to fetching all data, is this in regard to all data that resides within the platform, or specifically, all user data - i.e. user details, etc? Whilst it is possible to export all account data from the Admin settings, it would be great if you can elaborate a little further, so we can provide the relevant support :slight_smile:

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For User case, as per the doc only “Kind” Support is there right which is of choice type we can say, So there no limit and page (Pagination) support for User API to get response from Postman???

I do have one more question here , do we have pagination support both “page” and “limit” for Workspace, Group, Item, Column and Column Values in a single query (GraphQL)???

It sounds like your question might be best suited for our developer community, as I want to ensure you’re provided with the most relevant response and answer! Would you be happy to check out monday Apps & Developers - monday Community Forum? This is a forum our expert developers monitor, and I am sure they will be able to more effectively point you in the right direction :pray: