Track activity log across all boards?

I am looking for a way to track my own yesterday activities across all boards.
Is there a built in way to do that or an integration/app?

I’m not aware of a simple way to do this. However I think a “my activity” would be an awesome feature worthy of submission.

There may be a way for an app to do this too, but one limitation is you’d need to specify the boards you want to show it for, since the API only lets developers retrieve activity logs by board (though its possible to filter it by users). So not quite “all boards”.

@hershkoy What comes to 3rd party apps, I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. With Screenful, you can create charts and lists across any number of boards. Here’s an example Task list:

You can freely configure the columns in the list. You can place the charts in the Monday dashboard, or you can schedule them to be sent as reports to selected recipients.

You can learn more about the reports or start a free trial.