Tracking changing dates

I have a board with several groups where an item moves between those groups when it progresses. we track the due date of an item in each group and its is cleared and re-entered each time an item moves between groups. We have the original due date and updated due date and we track the difference between them. I am looking for a way to track this difference in each group, the problem with it now is that those dates are cleared every time an item changes groups, is there a way to track this number in each group?

Hi @slepa - Depending on how many groups you have you may need to utilize multiple date columns as date stamps on when the move occurred (via automations).

If you are not using subitems today, you could also have it create a subitem each item it moves, then use an app like Autoboost to carry down the start date and the current date to the subitems then use a formula to calculate the days between the dates and summarize the formula on the parent item.


This way, each move is logged underneath the item.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the quick reply,
with the first option I’m not sure how can I calculate the the difference between the planned date to the actual date (actual date are not necessarily the date the item was moved between groups)