Adjust due date of items across multiple groups based on date column in one group

I’m trying to set up a template board for us to use for individual events. I want to add an event to the “Event Details” group, then update the due date in all other groups by a number of days.

What I think I need to do is first copy “Event Date” to all items across groups, then set up an automation to update the “Due Date”.

I’m not sure if I’m thinking this through correctly, so I could use some help! Thanks.

Hi @ataylormeeker - since it appears that you are working backwards from the event date for your other due dates, I would agree with your approach rather than using dependencies (which only works in the opposite direction).


Just in case you want to use dependencies in combination with backward planning (Start-Finish) our partner Work Perfect (contact @Kimb) has an app that does do planning in all directions, support lag and dependencies etc.

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Thanks @basdebruin.
Hi @ataylormeeker, happy for you to review our Lunch&Learn which demonstrates the app, here. You can install a trial of the app, here.

Alternatively, feel free to send me an email at