Trello important with every detail


We are in the proces of migrating everything from Basecamp / Trello into Monday. We tried with the standard Trello import, but a lot of data is not importing very clean, so we did a lot of manual import.

But now we have a very complicated Trello board with a lot of data and what’s more important, we need to know who posted something on the Trello board. So we want to import everything in detail into Monday.

Is there a good way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, @Wijcky - We have done quite a few data migrations from Trello using That lets us pull in everything nicely - comments, attachments, images, etc. It takes a while to set up and test, plus you’ll need to make sure your target board(s) for the import are “final” before building your migration utility in Make. That’s the best way to migrate your data from Trello completely.

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Hi @Wijcky ,
This can be done using Make platform.
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Thanks for the tips. Will go and explore Make for this. Already have an integration running with Make.

Any tutorials on how to do this?