Trello Integration (Zapier vs Integromat)

Hi there,

I am in the process of convincing my company to switch to from Trello but am seriously struggling with the integration processes on Zapier and Integromat. I am trying to (and have) achieved following:

  1. Create New Item when new card created. Done (Using integrations suite)
  2. Change Status Label when card is moved between boards on Trello. Done (With integromat)
  3. Move card between lists on Trello when Status label is changed on Monday. (Not Done, struggling)
  4. Archive an Item on when deleted on corresponding board in Trello. (Not Done, Struggling)
  5. Archive an Item in Trello when deleted on corresponding group. (Not Done, struggling)

I would hugely appreciate any advice, and whether either Integromat or Zapier can be used to achieve the above.

Many Thanks

I don’t know Trello or Zapier. But… I would start by thinking along these lines:

  1. Using a monday integration: When a status changes to something, send a webhook.

  2. Two ideas: A) Trello might have webhooks. B) I have a similar situation with JIRA. It is possible to use JIRA webhooks to do this. However, I opted to have an Integromat process that runs on a weekly basis that marks the monday items where it can’t find the JIRA record by changing a status. Then you could use the status change to archive the item.

  3. Two ideas: A) Possibly go through Trello records on a regular basis, archive what is not found in monday. B) Use a status change in monday to delete it’s item (you might want to set a delete date column, then delete later). Use the same change in conjunction with the “When a status changes to something, send a webhook.”

Hope that helps.

Many thanks - much obliged.

With 4/5 above I like the idea of marking the cards. Forgive my ignorance but what would be (what do you use) as the search criteria in Integromat to return a result that can be actioned in Monday?

For Trello the modules I have available is Watch Cards and search cards, but not sure of the steps to link and compare with the groups on Monday.

Thank you,

Assuming that there is a column in your monday board that will link back to Trello…

  1. Get items from monday board.
  2. Get record from Trello. Normally, this would feed to a module to update either Trello or monday.
  3. Right-click on the module and add an error handler specifying a monday module “Update Column Values of a Specific Item”.
  4. Add a filter with Error Type = RuntimeError.
  5. Update a status column to a specific value.
  6. Add monday automation “when a status changes…”