Create a SimPro integration

For those of us who use SimPro, having an integration for Monday would be very helpful. For example, when a job status changes in SimPro (say, from “in progress” to “completed”) it would be helpful to have it integrated with Monday so that this change in job status would trigger a new item to be created on a specific board, and assigned to a specific person.

We would be using this in a similar way to the example above, in which when a job status changes in SimPro from “completed” to our customized status code “in review,” it would trigger an item to be created on our Operations Team Board and assigned to our project manager, who would then run through his checklist for jobs in that post-completion, pre-invoicing stage.

Thank you.

Hi Fabienne, these integrations can be built with Zapier.

We are a Zapier agency.

Let me know if you’d like to learn more. Cheers!

Hi @fboughton :wave:

Welcome to the community!

At upstream we are both Platinum Partners and Professional Services Partner of the Year (2022) and enjoy our custom development projects as much as our custom builds.

We’re thoroughly experienced from a Zapier/Make point of view, but given you know exactly what you want and could have it built exactly the way you want, it’s an avenue worth exploring.

Feel free to reach out for a chat and explore options together :slight_smile:
+61 3 9067 5611

Hi Andres,

Thanks for your reply. I have checked out Zapier for this integration, however Zapier does not support the trigger “when job status changes to “x”” and also does not support “create subitem x under item x on board x”

I am not sure whether this is possible to do using Zapier, but from my understanding it is not. Please let me know if this is something you think can be done.


Hi Peta,

I will send an email now.


Fabienne, are you looking for these?

Let me know if you need help setting it up