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we utilize Azure Dev Ops for my external development team and it is working great. Problem is that my team also consists of a seperate part with content writers and also others who do change requests etc. We can’t have them using Dev Ops because it’s just not feasable. I have set up a Monday for us to use internally as I have used monday for quite a few years in my former organisation.

I have so far set up all the boards etc needed. I have done some triggers/automated thingies and I have tried to push things over to Dev Ops thru Zapier. Problem is that I can’t get it to create a complette PBI on Dev Ops and I can’t get the status updates into Monday. (Or any updates at all to be honest.)

The way we write the description is to utilize the “update” function and pin it to the top.

The way I trigger a export to Dev Ops is that I have created a status column that Zapier listens to that when it is updated it exports the item. Problem is that I can’t get the update itself over as description etc. Right now I have set up a trigger so that when somebody uses a form to add an item I go in, qualify it and if needed push it over to Dev Ops and then add the description by hand but I want to get away from this. Any ideas how?

Next step would be to have a status updated in Monday based on statuses in Dev Ops but that one I think I can solve myself.

All help is appreciated.