Integrating with Microsoft Great Plains

Hello all! I’ve tried reaching out to monday, Zapier and Integromat without success. Our business uses Microsoft Great Plains and I introduced to them for another use case, but there is alot of redundant time and effort entering the information into both platforms. I’d love to be able to configure an integration where when a status from a board item changes to a specific selection, say “Reserved”, that a new entry is created into Great Plains.

Has anybody else here had a similar need or have you come up with a solution similar to this that you could share?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @bhowell and welcome to the community!

While we don’t have an internal integration with Microsoft GP yet, it is very interesting to read your feedback and use case.

In the meantime, you can still use our external integration with Zapier, that will help integrate with Microsoft GP.
Check out this article for a bit more information:

Here’s the integration I found for and Microsoft GP using Zapier:

If you need more help with that feel free to send us an email at


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Hi Ron,

Thank you for these suggestions, unfortunately, I have already explored them and they do not work how we need them to.

We will continue to seek and hope for a better integration solution from

Thank you,