Trigger status change automation only when changed by user

Is it possible to trigger a status change automation only when the change is made by an user and not when the status was changed by an automation?

The reason I would like to have this is to avoid an infinite loop of several status columns which are supposed to link.

The use case is:
I have a board that is shared with a customer. All projects for that customer are copied there and linked because we cannot and do not want to give the customer access to our complete project list.
For the same reason I cannot use mirror columns because they will simply be empty for the customer who has no access to the other board.
I have set up an automation to change the customer boards status column whenever the mirrored status column changes.
Now I would also like to allow the customer to change the status in the customer board. This change should be synced to our own board.

But if I were to set up automations like this

When Project Board Status changes, change Customer Board Status

When Customer Board Status changes, change Project Board Status

the first automation would trigger the second and vice versa. This takes me back to my question: In the case of the automations above the status changes are made by an automation. I would now like to avoid the loop by something like this (or any viable alternative for that matter):

When Project Board Status changes, change Customer Board Status


When Customer/User changes Customer Board Status, change Project Board Status (Do Not Trigger this automation when Automation changes Customer Board Status)

I would be glad about any suggestions that do not include additional subscriptions or even onetime payments for extensions.

Thank you!

Hello @dk_NFroehlich !

What is feasible to do is use a conditional automation like the following one.

Of course you would need to have additional automations for more people.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Yeah, I have such automations in a different case. The board has 150+ automations for that reason.

But this does not work in this case because it triggers according to an assignment (people column) and not based on a user taking an action.

I see. I believe there is no way to differentiate whether a change is made by a person or via an automation. Perhaps it is possible to do so via the API, but this would require implementation and maintenance costs.

I would suggest to research how you can possible alter your workflow to avoid this issue.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at