More specific board connection automations using statuses

TLDR: the suggestion - can we please have a new automation like the one below that uses “When STATUS changes to XXXXX” as the trigger? The current trigger is way too broad and hard to work with.

I’m having a few issues with the item connection automation:

  1. Sometimes I don’t want the automation to run every time a column changes - the item is already connected. This means I have make a work-around, like a separate column to trigger the connection, and another automation that detects some change in another column and “changes” the actual trigger column to make sure this automation only happens once.
  2. I have 5 team project summary boards, and one Project Board board template. When a board is created from a template, I want to run this automation to connect the project’s items to the right team’s project summary board. However, to do this currently, I’d need to have a different status column for each team in the template so that I can trigger only that team’s connection automation. Since we have many items that need to be connected to specific columns, this results in a proliferation of “trigger” status columns (5 teams X 6 connections = 30 trigger columns needed).

If anyone has a work around for this please let me know, but I think the solution is a new automation that takes “When STATUS changes to XXXXX…” as the trigger instead of any change to the column.