Two way connection does not trigger automation

When there is a 2 way connection between board A and B, connecting items through board A won’t trigger automation monitoring changes to the connected column in board B (even though it changes).

What I’m trying to do:
I have 2 boards - requests and clients. When I receive new request I wish to connect it to its client, but I don’t know whether the request came from a new client or an existing one. If it is a new client I need to create it as well.

My solution:
clients has 2 groups - perm and tmp. When a request is made, an automation creates a new client in tmp and a match automation is used to connect the request to a client.
Another automation should move clients from tmp to perm if the connected column in clients changes.

The problem:
The last automation isn’t triggered for some reason. I did it manually as well, it doesn’t work unless I change the connected column from through the clients board.

Is there a way to make it work?

You will need to create a status column on requests, and mirror it on clients. on requests you need an automation that changes that status on the connection being created (since on requests board the change in connect boards triggers).

Then on clients you need to mirror that status column.

On clients, create an automation from the built-in automations (not create custom automation) - “When a status changes to something change another status to something”. This is because a small number of the built-in status change recipes can be triggered by mirrors of statuses changing!

Now, create a third recipe, that when status changed by the recipe above changes, move the item.

Very much a work around, but it does make it work.

Thank you, this work around works!
But why it didn’t work they way I tried before? Seems like a bug to me (or at least an unexpected behavior). Is there a way to report it?

I consider it a bug and it has been reported. Basically, its because there is no action changing the value on the clients board - the value just shows up.

Definitely annoying.

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