Trouble to export data from Monday to Google Sheet

Hello everyone !

I recently had some trouble exporting datas from Monday to a Google Sheet. I use the integration called " Google Sheets Automations" by Pioneera. It worked perfectly well at the beginning and manage to update daily a sheet with datas from our Monday.

But now, whenever the automation starts, it says that it has failed. Here is the error message (translated from French to English) :

“Automation has failed due to a problem with an application you have installed. Contact the app developer to solve the problem.”

The issue is : I don’t have other automation installed that could be incompatible with “Google Sheet Automations”. I already contacted the developer but I did not get any answer unfortunately.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem ? Or do you know if the integration still works ?

Thank you very much !



Let’s troubleshoot your Google Sheets Automations integration with Here are a few practical steps we can take to identify and resolve the issue:

  1. Check the Logs: Review the activity logs in both and Google Sheets Automations to see if there are specific error codes or messages.
  2. Reconnect Accounts: Sometimes, simply disconnecting and reconnecting your Google account can resolve authentication issues.
  3. Permissions Review: Ensure that the integration has the necessary permissions in both and Google Sheets.
  4. Update Integration: Check for any updates to the “Google Sheets Automations” app that may address compatibility issues.
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Thank you for your answer !

I went through all the 4 steps you mentioned. I do not have any specific error code or messages appart the one I mentioned earlier. The integration is fully updated.

But I tried deleting and installing again the integration as well as reseting the authorization directly in my google account settings and we made some progress : now, Monday tells me that the integration’s operation was successful and that the board was uploaded on google sheet. However, if I go on google sheet, nothing happened.

Thank you for your time ! If you know anything that could help, it would be great.

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we can resolve the issue let me discuss on call