Troubleshooting Auto ID Creation

Hi there

I’ve created an Auto Id integration on one board and am now trying to replicate the same thing on a different board in a different workspace. When I come to complete the recipe, the available columns are not showing those on my board.
This is what I can see:

And these are my column headings:

Any suggestions as to what’s going on please?

hi @DebbieNE

As the developer of this app here is your answer :slight_smile:

The app supports writing the ID to the name column (left most column) or any text column. The app seem to be unable to find a text column available on your board. A possible reason for this is that the app does not have permissions to that different workspace. You can check / set the app permission (as an admin) by clicking your avatar > Administration > App > 3-dot menu on the right side which will bring up:

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Thanks so much @basdebruin - fixed it immediately :grinning: