Trying to access from a location we do not operate in

We are subscribed to pro plan. We are accessing from U.A.E for the last two years.

Since yesterday morning, none of our team members have been able to access the platform due to the message: “We detected that you’re trying to access from a location we do not operate in. For more information, you can reach out to our support team.”

I am also able to access the through another account from U.A.E.

We reported this incident to the customer support team and after 10 hours we received the following message

"Thank you for your reply! Lu here. I hope you’re doing well.

I am very sorry for the wait; I understand how important and urgent this is for you, we were working with my team to find a solution, but due to the out-of-the-ordinary behavior, we will have to escalate your case to our technical support team.

Thank you for providing that information – I will escalate this ticket to our Technical Team for further troubleshooting.

So that you know – our Tech Team will be following up with you shortly about their investigation."

However, it has been almost 24 hours since we received their above message , and we have not received any follow-up or resolution updates from the technical support team. As a result, our business is being seriously affected, and we are facing disruptions in our project management and collaboration processes.

Our team relies heavily on the platform for seamless coordination and productivity, and this unexpected disruption is hindering our operations.

I have send several follow up mail to the support team but I am not getting any response from them.

Meanwhile their auto billing system have debited the monthly charges as well. So I believe the account in active.

None of out team members are able to access or login to Only way we were able to report this complaint is through email and we are not getting any response from them since last 24 hours. Therefore I am using my alternative mail account to post this discussion.

How to deal with this situation both to resolve /escalate the issue to a higher level?

Hi @hafizea - that is certainly strange… I would send a message to or your account rep if on ENT.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out.

In the last 48 hours, I’ve made countless efforts to seek assistance from both the customer and technical support teams in order to resolve an urgent issue. The experience has been incredibly frustrating, as they appeared to be clueless about the situation. However, there’s a glimmer of hope as I recently received a message from another support team member who is following up on my ID card details related to compliance. It turns out that our access was blocked by the compliance team due to a missing ID. What makes it even more exasperating is that we never received any prior notification or explanation for the denial of access.

During these two days, our data access was completely restricted, and it severely disrupted our entire business process. Fortunately, this happened before we were planning to scale up, but it has made me rethink using products for our critical business operations in the future.

This whole ordeal has caused extensive damage to our business, and I’m finding it extremely difficult to forgive them for putting us in this situation.