Unable to Create Labels Column? Removed Feature?

Created a new board recently and tried to create a multi label column. I have an old board where I could add multiple tags or “labels” to an item. Ended up unable to make it… only to find there was a new “Labels” column which is essentially the same as the Status column… what gives? Why am I unable to create the old style of multiple labels rather than status?

It feels like this feature was silently deleted and replaced with the pay walled “tags” feature. I want to use simple multi tag labels again? Am I missing something here?

I have never seen the dropdown column be called a labels column (although each dropdown text option is called a label).


There is indeed a column called “Label” and I guess nobody can tell the difference from a Status column :). If you want multiple “labels” to an item you can either use the Dropdown column type or Tags column (which as far is I know is part of PRO)

I wonder why we can’t tell the difference! when they are just different preset colors and text of the same column (same with priority columns).

I am 98% sure the OP is actually talking about a Dropdown since its the only column type that has a button called “create a new label” and lets you select multiple labels. My guess is the old board is really old and OP has gotten used to thinking of it as a “label” column based on interacting with that button.

Ah it is called the Dropdown column. Strange - I have called it the label column for a very long time