CRUD operations on Dropdown column Lables

suppose I have a drop down type column with these labels as the options ( Facebook, Google, Twitter).

now I need to add new labels/ delete existing set of labels of this specific column via API.
my new set of Labels would be (Facebook,Apple, Amazon)

is this something possible to do with API ?

there could be scenario like from the front end user has selected the column value as “Facebook” and from the API call this “Facebook” option may be get deleted.

Hi @handev

Welcome to the community. There is an option ta add a label to a dropdown or status through the API. At this moment unfortunatly there is no option to remove / change labels through the API.

thanks for your feedback.

is it the same behaviour for Tag columns as well ?

different implementation but basicallye the same thing. See also: API v2 Documentation

And don’t forget tags can have different scopes (board or account) and you can even have two tages with the same nae and with different scopes :slight_smile: .

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