Dropdown Label Colors

Currently using Monday.com, to sort through 3rd party resellers. We have partners who use our products and those who don’t.

Right now I have a dropdown column with labels that state what they use. But it would be great if I could give each label a different colour, making it easier to identify what products they are using as it could be more than one.

You could do this with the Status or the Tags column. However they both have downsides.

  • Status column only allows you to use a color once. So if you made product 1 red, you can’t use red for product 2 that may be in the same category.

  • Tags column is auto-color coordinated. I haven’t figured out how to change the color of the tags. Regardless clicking on a tag will take you to a new window. The reason it does this is because tags can span across multiple boards.

See “How to edit a tag”

Although the color options are limited, changing tag colors can be done via Search Everything > Tags, click the Pencil icon (which is only visible when you mouseover a tag):


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Hi John, thanks for the comment, I will start to use this for now.